Hip Hop would be nothing without the DJ. The DJ is the one mixes and blends our favorite songs, gets the party rocking and breaks all the new music. Hip Hop began in the Bronx NY with just two turntables, a mixer and a collection of breaks being played back to back by the legendary Kool Herc.
The MC would hype the crowd and shout the DJ out as he played the records and blended the songs. The MC would soon evolve into what we have today and become more lyrical and the DJ would become more of a producer and make some of the beats that the MC's would rhyme to.
But the DJ's main job has and always will be to play the hottest records out and to always keep the crowd hyped up and motivated.
Without the DJ the clubs would be empty and radio stations would suck.
Shout to all of the DJ's who keep us moving and play the newest and hottest material out here. Hip Hop definitely appreciates you.