I see a lot of rappers, singers, producer/beat makers, promoters and models aspiring to make a name for themselves on the Internet and other places. For that I applaud you for pursuing your dreams, setting a goal and going through with your plans. But how bad do you really want this?
How far are you willing to go to achieve success? What sacrifices are you willing to make and more hard is your hustle?
Just making a song and posting it on the net or taking headshots on Facebook or twitter is cool, but really pushing and promoting yourselves and your brand is key. If you have a product or a talent that you know people will take an interest in, and you know it's good then get your hustle on and let the world know who you are!!!
I myself am still looking for more and more ways to expand my brand and become more accessible to more people and places. It's Al Capone who famously said "You gotta give the people what they want" To make something out of nothing is the ultimate hustle.
To be able to convey your thoughts feelings and emotions through music, art, or any other form of media and have people take an interest in your vision or even pay you to see or hear what you do is something to me that is a dream come true. But dreams don't last long. If you want this to work you have got to hustle and make your name known. Work whatever it is that you have got and grind yo' ass off.
Working at making your product better is always recommended. Nobody will take you serious if your material sucks or if you're just wack. Sorry.... But it's true. I will never put something out that's half ass. And I hate to see or hear wack shit. PERIOD.
To me hustling Is networking, meeting new people, promoting yourself and your brand, selling your own merchandise, or anything having to do with moving your product.'s like this. If you got your hands on some stuff right? And you know you want to make that bread you gonna hit the strip and move that shit . You not worried about nothing else but that dollar. Even though you might put yourself in a dangerous situation you need to come up some money to keep you going.
The same thing applies to your brand or your craft. If its good hustle and get it out there. Make sure people get to know you and don't stop. After all can't nobody knock the hustle.