I hear alot of people say this. Hip Hop is dead or the music is weak now....etc. I hear a lot of different music from both signed and unsigned artists. Hip hop is FAR from dead. Our music is our voice. A voice of the streets. A message to others who normally would never, ever set foot into certain neighborhoods, or areas of the world. Hip Hop has most certainly evolved into many different faces and styles. There are different types of music for different types of people. Trap music, Suburban rap (still trying to figure that one out), underground hip hop, emo rap and the list goes on. One thing that has happened is that the commercial monster has reared it's ugly head and lured most artists into it's trap with the enticement of money, cars, clothes and beautiful women. But at what price does the artist(s) pay in the long run for the sake of these riches.
Does a truly gifted artists have to "dumbdown" on his or her lyrics and social commentary in order to be considered relevant? Does he or she have to forsake their integrity to get a fat check and a Bentley drop? This is where the idea of hip hop being dead comes in at. Frustrated MC's with the talent and creativity are faced with a decision to make certain types of music that the corporate suits feel would sell and generate more money. I must admit, some of the music that is out is trash. I mean REALLY bad!!!! The negativity being portrayed, the misogynism, the glorification of drugs, sex, violence and alchohol abuse is not what this art is about.
Hip hop was meant to bring people together for the sake of peace love and unity according to this guy named Afrika Bambaataa. Somewhere along the way we got lost. Or, maybe we didn't. Maybe this is what people want to hear and portray themselves as. A Balla with crazy money or a bad bitch with Gucci, Louis and Prada. I am no one to judge. But I will say that we as a people have the ability to choose what we want to hear and how we conduct ourselves. What you decide to listen to is totally up to you. I will say this. Music is a powerful thing. It's beautiful and ugly at the same time. It can calm us down or make you want to act like a damn fool. Hip hop music is our voice. And the voice is far from dead.