The Art of MC'ing is a skill that takes thought, creativity, wit and talent. To be an MC is like being a poet but you set your poetry to a rhythm or a beat.
Is there a difference between an MC and a rapper? YES!!!! The teacher KRS-ONE made this clear a long time ago. MC's tell stories and hit you with thought provoking punch lines, metaphors, and ad-libs. Rappers just make trendy songs that eventually are forgotten. Being an MC in hip hop, it is your duty to relay your thoughts, feelings and experiences in the most provocative way possible.
Pick the hottest beat you can find whether its an old school break or a meticulously crafted masterpiece courtesy of your favorite beat maker/song creator and do your thing. I'm sure you have quoted a punch line or a verse that one of your favorite MC's has dropped and said to yourself "yo....this dude is nice!!!!l" That's what being an MC is all about. Captivating and capturing your audience. Moving the crowd. Getting your point across. The MC is coming back slowly but surely. Most people want lyrics. Good songs and dope concepts. Lyricism in itself is an art form. The idea of dumbing down to me is ridiculous. This music is be meant to educate and enlighten. We all want to be entertained and we want to hear quality music. But the MC should never compromise their skill and talent to accommodate people who would never appreciate their work. Where the real MC's at?