Hip hop is an extremely competitive form of music. From the MC battles, to who competes over who has the most money and power. Doing this takes skill talent and most of all thick skin.
Coming up in this game is no different. You have to make a name for yourself and earn your respect. As an MC, producer, battle rapper, etc. Putting the work in it takes to get where you want to be is something that takes time and effort. There are a lot of people who want to rap and make beats these days. Some good some fantastic and some....well not so good. For the ones who are good and fantastic, and really working hard, learning to support each other in their journey should be something that should come natural. Supporting each other as artists and producers is something that should be practiced more in hip hop. Not just because that's your people's or a relative that's aspiring to get on. But because you see the grind and respect their movement. And of like the music in general.
Now that's not to say to be a groupie or a a phony ass, or to let anyone disrespect you, but just to show love and support when you see someone grinding just like yourself. You can't be too self absorbed doing this kind of music.
It doesn't hurt to comment if you hear a dope song or see a cool video from a new artist. Especially if you are grinding too. You are going to need all of the support you can get. It's tough getting your name out there. Support the artist that's just like you. When it comes your time to go you're going to want that same love....right?