Starting a business is exciting and challenging at the same time. In the competitive world of Hip Hop music you are only as good as your last hit record. LOYALTY is a word that thrown around all too often. Most people claim it and say they are loyal to you, but when things don't go in their favor or situations are not to their liking....then the loyalty fades away. That's not loyalty. That's BULLSHIT!!!!

     Being loyal to yourself first and foremost is something that any and every person should learn to master. Be able to create a plan and execute it. That's loyalty in the form of self-discipline. Creating a product that will be in high demand, whether it's a hot beat, a great song or any other product that may be needed in any type of business. That's being loyal to your craft and dedication to the line of work that you chose. Having a positive outlook on situations and being able to see an opportunity even when there might not seem there is one, is a form of loyalty to your brand and also knowing that have what it takes to overcome obstacles and even make a way for those same walls to benefit you in some that may make a better business person.

Yes...loyalty is hard to come by. But by being loyal to yourself first, and having a strong sense of self-discipline, you will know what to expect from those who place themselves around you and therefore be able to tell who is loyal to you and what it is that you are trying to do.