So.... We live in the 21st century and we are all supposed to be equal right?....WRONG!!!
Unfortunately there are still some people who still think and believe that the color of their skin makes them more superior to all other races. It makes me laugh when someone mistakes me for a delivery person when I'm a customer. Or I am racially profiled by a police officer who clearly despises me for the simple fact that I am a black man. Now I will not sit here and say that all black (or any other) people are all great because there's good and bad in every bunch.
But I will speak for the ones who have been subjected to the type of subtle if not blatant racism that still exists in this society. As a fan of hip hop I learned that our music was created to bring people together. That was the sole purpose of this culture. And throughout the years hip hop has been able to connect people of all races through the beats, rhymes, dance and art. I just wish there were a way in which we could all come together
and put racial and economic differences to the side and unite as one people. I know it sounds far fetched but at the end of the day we all bleed one color. How I look dress and talk should not intimidate you or cause for you to categorize me. We all have the same if not similar issues in our lives and we all want to live a decent life. Well....most of us anyway.
In the immortal words of the Diabolical Bizmarkie we need to Erase the Racism.