Time to have more fun with my craft.
If it isn't fun anymore than why do it? 
Remember why I fell in love with this music in the first place. The Four Pillars. Who can name them?
The first Hip Hop song I ever heard. My first pair of Pro Keds then Nikes. The time I tried to break dance. The first spray can I ever picked up. And most importantly...the first rhyme I ever wrote.  Shout to Doug Taylor on that one. Let me reflect back to this being my first love. How the beats moved me and the MC caught my attention with the rhymes and witty wordplay. Hip Hop has always and always will be a part of my life. Knowing that I am share my love of the culture through my own creations and Internet forum makes me even more excited and happy. Forget all the business and marketing and phony BS that comes with trying start and run a business. Get back to the basics for a minute. Listen to some Hip Hop and remember why you fell in love with it.
Happy Birthday Hip Hop!!!