Dear Kendrick
That most definitely was one of the illest rhymes in Hip Hop history.
However, you disrespected a WHOLE entire city in the process of making a name for yourself?
Dude...we already knew you were NICE at your craft.
Why go there?
Did you feel a certain type of way in the presence of a nigga from NYC?
Can you really juggle both coasts with one hand?
Are you the next coming of Tupac Amaru Shakur?
(He was from the BX if I'm not mistaken)
Whatever the case is Kendrick...(LOL)...we respect you as an MC. Especially me. I was put on to you as a lyricist a while back, and I did my research and found you to be an extremely gifted and talented rapper/MC.
I love the culture and the art. The love and the hate. the beats and of course....the rhymes.
But the KONY....YOU.....HAAAHAAA
Too many MC's before you young boy....too many to name and I won't even sit here and go in. Just know you are far from any KING that I am willing to acknowledge.
There were way too many response songs to post on this blog and believe me I checked all of them out. New Yorkers are fighters. We don't back down. We say FUCK  YOU with a BIG smile and dare you to say something in return. That's just how we do.
This city created Hip Hop. Yeah...that's right New York City created this music. THIS IS OUR THING!!!!
So...the next time you come to our city....the next time you politic with any NYC rapper know for sure they will never ever ever ever ever ever  forget your verse on the other guys song...wth...
That's crazy...that wasn't even your joint. Damn son you  a problem...
Good Luck!!!!
From the mind of an opinionated asshole...