Please read this: 

Hip Hop and R&B is being whitewashed. 

The music industry is doing the same thing to our music that they did with the Blues and Rock and Roll. 

The white Rappers are becoming more lyrical (Eminem, Macklemore, Yelawulf) whereas the black rappers are dumbing down to the point of blatant buffoonery and stupidity (chief Keef, Trinidad James, soulja boy)

Take back our music people.

I started my blog for the sole

Purpose of providing real hip hop which I know still exists and also provide a platform for indie artists to showcase their creations. 

Don't let our music be taken away. The way the Beach Boys did Chuck Berry will happen to our artists if we're not careful. This is music from the streets by people who otherwise have no voice. Evolution is a great thing but this is ridiculous.

If we keep holding each other back to let people infiltrate who otherwise don't care for the art culture and history of our music then we are doomed. And guess what....we will have only ourselves to blame. If anybody important that has a powerful voice reads this get back to your roots. This is Hip Hop. Remember the four pillars.