Now what...



Now what's next?
Once the emotions have subsided and the energy level and the anger has gone down what's next?
What are we as a people going to do to achieve the CHANGE that we so desperately need?
Will we become more active in our communities and encourage our young people to take a more positive route to living a life without worrying about the police having to approach and harass them?
Will we continue to voice our concerns so these men won't die in vain? 
Will we just let this go and wait until another tragedy occurs to do the same thing again and be mad and blame the system for bad policing and re-occurring ignorance.
What's next?
Will we continue to make and listen to music that blatantly promotes an irresponsible and dangerous way of life for the sake of the turn up?
How will we as people become better at being better people?
I would think it has to start within ourselves.
Our thoughts control our actions. A positive mindset is the first step. When you want to lose weight, you go on a diet. We need to lose the negativity and ignorance that has been embedded within our minds and our communities. Stop giving people a reason to look down and frown upon us. Make power moves and come together. The time is now for a CHANGE.
That's what's next.