Upon hearing the news that one of the dopest MC's to ever spit a 16 passed away immediately I thought it was a cruel joke or just another online gimmick to sell albums or concert tickets. But as the day went on and more and more sites and media outlets confirmed this man's passing, I became very sad. Hip Hop has lost another great talent. 
Sean Price was truly one of the dopest rappers of this or any generation. His style was crazy, his rhymes were hard hitting and you always were anxious to hear more music from him. He was able to re-invent himself as the brokest rapper you know and he continued to create albums that made you ask when is another one dropping because he was just that dope. We have lost another soldier and it hurts to know we will never get any more new material from this man. I send my deepest sympathies to his whole entire family. 
Rest In Peace Sean Price.