It's crazy some artists will pay for:
Having their music played
Other "services" that really don't help them.
All the while none of this gets them anywhere and people are profiting off of their ignorance and inexperience.
The crazy thing is these artists are paying to have their music heard and played and they STILL give the music away for free!!!!
Stop giving away free music!!!
Don't de-value yourself by giving away your product. Only certain artists can do that and they do it so they can generate revenue through other avenues that the music creates. But giving work away created without generating any other profit otherwise just seems stupid. Hip hop is the only genre that artists just give away material. And there are snakes out here who will convince you that you need them to make it in this "industry" or you will not be recognized. Whatever the case. If you decide to invest in these services at least sell your music to cover the cost of your expenses. Stop shortchanging yourselves. 

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