CEEOHH MUSIC | #RandomThought | Time to WAKE UP

If we begin to be more self sufficient within our own communities and keep our dollars to ourselves we can effectively shut down this corrupt system and put a lot of these corporations out of business.
They don't want that. Between the corrupt and biased legal and educational system, racist politicians and lawmakers and lack of employment due to blatant racism, we're being forced to remain at the bottom. Not to mention the agenda to emasculate and imprison our youth and our warriors to prevent an uprising, and the intentional disconnect between our men and women. 
It's time to really see what's happening within our community. Slowly but surely they want to remove us from their society and only have us as menial employees whose only purpose is to serve without thinking. They don't want the inventors, creators and thinkers of tomorrow. Our communities have high rates of incarceration and violence due to lack of resources for the youth and training for the young able body adults. So the only choice these people have is to hit the block and rob steal and hustle just to make a dollar. We are admired for our talents and creativity yet we they won't consider us when it comes time to hire us for a job. We can throw a football, spit a hot 16 and dunk a basketball but we aren't good enough to work in a Fortune 500 corporation alongside CEO's and CFO's.
I just want to know....what will it take for us to finally see what's really going on? #RandomThought