#INDIESPOT | Blakface - Humble Pie Pt. 1

Sincere & Logik are duo Blakface, presenting the music video for "Humble Pie, Pt. 1", a single from Bamboozled, their new album featuring Planet Asia, Illa J, Poetik Force & Oh. Directed by the Bishop and produced by $in, "Humble Pie, Pt. 1" is part of a two-part series (watch the music video for Part 2 on Youtube). Sincere representing South Bend, Indiana and Logik hailing from West Covina, California, the duo are cousins, and each are emcees and producers in their own right. Blakface has collaborated with Planet Asia (stream "Less Talking"), Illa J (stream "Slow Down"), Guilty Simpson (stream "On The Edge"). “The meaning of Humble Pie is basically to just humble yourself," $in says about the song. "Sometimes people forget to appreciate the little around them. Everybody needs a slice of humble pie, it’s like food for thought, something fulfilling to the soul. The inspiration was more so on Logik's end. I created the beat and Logik made the hook. I named the beat 'Humble Pie' and Logik just went off of that. We just have a chemistry where he can put in words what I felt in the beat.” Bamboozled is out now on iTunes and Spotify.


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