RIP | Nipsey Hussle

It's never a good thing when someone dies as a result of street violence.
This is one of those situations where the one taken was an influential and talented 
individual and well respected in the hip hop community.
This is the first album that made me take notice to NH even though he's been putting out material years prior to this body work. 
What made me take notice was his marketing strategy and hustle involved with getting his product to the people. NH was the first artist to sell hard copies of his album for $100 each which increased the value of his work due to the limited quantities. I thought that was genius! 
Needless to say he goes on to achieve success on his own terms not only as a DOPE and talented hip hop artist but also as a successful business owner and entrepreneur.
He came right back to the community that made him and gave back to his people.
This is a tragedy. 
This one hurts because NH was one of the people that I modeled myself after. 
RIP Nipsey Hussle. 
You've inspired me and many others to work to achieve greatness 
and become self-made individuals.
We won't let you down.